Health Education England - South West Dental Postgraduate Education will open the application process for recruiting Dental Foundation Training Trainers for the 2018-19 Foundation Training intake from 2nd October 2017.

Please carefully read the following guidance and Job Description on how to apply.

FD Trainer Application Guidance 

Thank you for your interest in becoming a trainer on the South West Dental Foundation Training Scheme starting in September 2018.

You will need to complete various documents alongside your application. These include  Reflective Writing and PDP and 360 Degree Appraisal.  Here you can find information on the Person Specification and Practice Specification and a Gold Standard guide.

New applicants must complete the Educational Supervisor application form which will be available below from 2nd October 2017 to 27th November 2017. This then must be emailed, along with your supporting documentation, to by the closing date of 27th November 2017. Applications will be logged centrally and then forwarded to a scheme TPD to be checked through.


Fewer people will be interviewed this coming year than in previous years. Based on the scores from the March 2017 interviews/application process, the top 25% will be considered for interview in 2019, the mid 50% to be considered for interview in 2018. Those scoring in the lower 25% will be informed whether they will be interviewed or receive an appraisal to develop a personal development plan with your TPD at the TPD Adept visit. All new applicants will be interviewed

Interviews will take place on Thursday 1st February in Plymouth and on Thursday 22nd February 2018  in Bristol.

A letter will be sent to all applicants with the decision of the interview panel soon after the Bristol interviews.

Practice Visits

All new applicants will be visited. Current trainers who scored in the top 75% will not be required to have a practice inspection. Applicants who were in the bottom 25% will have a practice inspection unless one was carried out in January/February 2017. All trainers due to be visited and all new applicants will be contacted in late December or early January to inform them of their practice visit date and time. There is not much notice for these visits but they must be completed before the interviews in March.

The visit will be for approximatly 90 minutes. You must not have patients booked for yourself during this time but the rest of the practice should work normally. If you are an associate applying to be an FT trainer, the practice owner should be available for about 15 minutes during the visit.

The visitors are GDPs who are only available for one day per week for visits. Therefore, as all the visits must be carried out by early March it is important that you comply with the suggested time, almost certainly some patients will have to be cancelled. We apologise for this and hope you will understand.

360 Degree Appraisal

This self assessment tool is a very useful way of gaining feedback on your own performance as a trainer and practitioner. There is a point in the scoring syste this simple and effective technique, for those who show evidence that they have used this technique as part of a wider process of reflective writing and appraisal in drawing up a Professional Development Plan. We have strengthened this part of the trainer selection process in light of COPDEND's publication 'Standards for Dental Educators' which is downloadable from the COPDEND website. This document highlights the importance of reflection, feedback, planning and appraisal in the development of educators' skills.


Please note that applications are made to the South West Foundation Training Program, not to an individual FT scheme. Although schemes are arranged geographically, because of the national requirement to balance numbers in schemes, it cannot be guaranteed that a successful applicant will be placed on a particular FT scheme.

Finally, as part of our procedure for the appointment of Foundation Trainers, a list of all applicants is sent to the appropriate LDC, LAT, BDA and to the GDC, with a request for any comments they may wish to make.

Download the Application form

The closing date for applications is Midnight on Sunday 6th January 2018.

Please email all application documents to the Foundation Training Office


Important Dates

Please note the key dates below. Attendance is compulsory for interviews, courses and workshops.

Developing Dental Education Course

Katy Newell-Jones (Oxford-Brookes) has agreed to provide 4 education modules specifically to support dental based ESs.  Katy has excellent experience with ESs and has carried out similar work in London, Thames Valley and Wessex.  Priority will be offered to SW ESs and the only cost to those attending will be travel and subsistence.  The first 2 modules will be in February/March 2018.  All current/continuing ESs whould have now informed Katy Williams  of which dates you wish to attend.

All new Educational Supervisor applicants will be expected to undertake the modules. 

Trainers course:

New and 'returning' ESs (ESs who are coming to the end of their first full year as an ES) Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd July 2018, Deanery House, Vantage Business Park, Hambrook, Bristol.

Trainers workshops:

1st workshop TBC - this usually takes place in October 2018

2nd workshop TBC


Thank you for your co-operation.

Yours sincerely

David Lee
Associate Dean Foundation Training